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Legal Information

Disclaimer: The following template was created by a lawyer ( in accordance with the typical requirements associated with an online shop. You should nevertheless only apply the template further to careful scrutiny and adaptation to your specific business model. In order to assist you in doing so, the following template contains additional notes that must be adhered to as well as red passages that require special attention and, where applicable, adaptation. Please delete the notes once you have worked your way through the template. Take legal advice if you are unsure about particular elements. Copyright: You are only permitted to use the template within the respective domain/website if the latter is covered by your Marketpress license. The passing on of this template to third parties (including customers, e.g. as developers) is prohibited.

TemplateShop Ltd
Owner: Tom Template Template Street Templateville
Postcode Country

Managing Director: Tom Template
[Sole traders may only refer to themselves as the owner (and not the managing director) of the company. In the case of companies such as non-trading private companies, general partnerships, entrepreneurial companies and public limited companies the managing directors or executive partners must be named, for example „Managing Director: Tom Template“ in the case of public limited companies or „Executive Partners: Tom Template, Eric Example“ in the case of a non-trading private company]

Telephone number: +441234567890
Fax: +441234567891 [Note: The fax number is optional]
Email address:

Other means of communication: [Note: If, in addition to the telephone number, you also offer online means of communication that allow the customer to save his correspondence on a permanent data carrier with date and time (e.g. messenger), these means of communication should now be indicated in the imprint (e.g. by stating the name of the messenger and the telephone number used there)].

Court of registration & Registration number: Templateville District Court: Reg. no. 12345
[This information is essential if you are registered in a commercial register, company register or similar]

VAT identification number: DE 189 278 309
[This information is essential if you have been given a VAT identification number]

Responsible for content: Tom Template, address as above.[This information is essential if you include a blog in your shop.]

European Commission consumer platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): We are neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings in front of a consumer arbitration board.

[Note: Information on liability (e.g. liability for links) is not required]